A 65 year legacy of quality and creativity in packaging & product presentation.

Superior Packaging is one of Long Island’s most trusted distributors of quality packaging products, both stock and custom-printed. We offer a wide array of items for all industries including but not limited to the Apparel, Jewelry, Giftware and Food Service Industries. We strive to offer domestically produced products whenever possible!


Luxury packaging solutions

What does your packaging say about your business?

Packaging is part of your customer’s buying experience. If a customer’s purchases are delivered in an ordinary plastic “t-shirt” bag, it not only says nothing about your business – it sends the message that the product inside is nothing special.

When a customer receives a package with your brand colors, logo, and contact information, you’ve made that customer feel that they’ve purchased something special! You have also created  a way to pass along your business information to other prospective clients. Suddenly Custom Printed Packaging  is not an expense – it’s an investment!

When it comes to high quality packaging, Superior delivers! We pride ourselves on personal service and believe that every client, from home-based businesses to National Chain Stores, deserve the time and respect that we ourselves expect.

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